Winegard  Tav'ler Hybrid SK1000 for (Bell or Dish)  AutoSearch & Tune
Winegard Tav'ler Hybrid SK1000 for (Bell or Dish) AutoSearch & Tune 'Installed Price'

Winegard Tav'ler Hybrid SK1000 for (Bell or Dish) AutoSearch & Tune "Installed Price"

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Part Number: Wingard SK1000
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Winegard Trav'ler Hybrid SK1000 for Bell Satellite Automatic TV System... *(This System could be changed to work on Dish Network US)
System can be reprogrammed to work with Bell Canada Satellite or Dish TV in the USA...
  • Acquisition Type: Automatic 
  • Maximum Receiver Capability: 3
  • Viewing Capability: 3 simultaneously 
  • Tracking Type: Stationary 
  • Reception Types: SD/HD
  • Compatible Satellites:
    • Bell TV: 82° (SD/HD) 91° (SD/HD)
  • Intended for RV, Camper, or Trailer
  • Professional Installation Recommended.

    • Length: 42"
    • Width: 25"
    • Stowed Height: Less than 10"
    • Weight: 45 lb
  • The Price Listed includes a basic installation to the main TV location... Extra TV locations may incur a Price of $150.00-$250.00 varying on time and material... 

    An Account with Bell Satellite is Required along with the Winegard Package in order to Receive Satellite Signal Programming... We are not a Dealer for Bell Satellite, So you'll be required to Activate an Account and Programming Package with Bell Satellite... 

    With over 40 years Experience we are by far the most sought after to do complete Installations and Activation of Winegard Systems and ShawDirect Package Activation's...

    Send us an Email: ([email protected]) (or) Give us a Call: (604-702-1111) to get You Hooked up for RV Satellite TV...

    The Store Payment Shopping Functions isn't activated since All Systems require Programming, Activation, and Service/Installation...                                                                             Payment will be taken By Phone or at Time of Installation & Activation...  

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