Cable Entry Plate GP-CEP
Cable Entry Plate GP-CEP

Cable Entry Plate GP-CEP

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Cable Entry Plate GP-CEP

GP-CEP With the Cable Entry Plate, installation is cleaner and more flexible. The Go Power! Cable Entry Plate provides a tidy wire configuration for rooftop solar installation, protects the cable connections and helps prevent roof leaks.

With Go Power's Cable Entry Plate, run the wires through any part of the roof you choose, ideally as close as possible to the battery for the most efficient charging and minimizing energy loss. This product has been designed from the ground up to provide the best solution on the market for a cable entry port for RV rooftops...

Product Overview


The Cable Entry Plate is available for purchase as a standalone accessory or as part of a pre-wired package on selected RVs. Pair the Cable Entry Plate with a Go Power! Solar Kit to reduce unnecessarily exposed cables on the roof.


  • Cuts installation time
  • Protects cable connections
  • Eliminates possibility of leaks
  • Connects with industry standard solar connector (SC) cables (included)

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